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Charlotte's November dressage retreat was fantastic!  It was so inspiring to watch
Charlotte and her incredible horses as well as the fabulous demo riders who so generously
allowed us to eavesdrop on their training sessions.  Above all, it was just so much fun! The
participants were great and we enjoyed fabulous food, wine tasting, shopping and definitely
visiting Flag Is Up Farm and being graciously entertained by Pat Roberts whose sculptures
and paintings are amazing. Can't wait to do this again!
Jean Morris, Ocala, FL
The dressage retreat with Charlotte exceeded my expectations.  I was looking forward to
enjoying the experience not expecting too much in the way of learning. I had always
thought that I learned more by doing.  It was amazing to me how much I got out of the
demonstrations and videos. Without the horse, I could focus on the movements 100%.   
When I am riding I am so involved in doing the movement that I can't concentrate on the
instruction.  It was so valuable to see the corrections and preparation.  I get it now how
much preparation sets you up for success or failure! Charlotte was so generous with her
knowledge.  Seeing the beautiful and talented horses was a joy! The participants were an
amazing and wonderful group. They were a lot fun. It was a great experience all the way
Karla Zuehlke, Santa Ynez, CA